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Mastering Consciousness: Cultivating Loving, Kindness, and Inner Peace
With Charlie Verge, Ph.D.

A one day workshop and a separate 8 week class

Workshop: 2017 dates TBA,  Ÿ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm Ÿ• $125 •Ÿ 5 CE’s

8-Week Class: 2017 dates TBA,  • 11:15 am -1:15 pm  •Ÿ $375 Ÿ• 16 CE’s

This one day workshop and separate but complimentary eight-week class is designed to assist each participant into active practices and exercises which cultivate a loving consciousness toward oneself, others, and the world. These powerful practices are derived from a variety of therapeutic modalities, personal growth work, and spiritual traditions from around the world, as well as innovative intentional practices created by Charlie Verge which enhance self-love and enhance the freedom and capacity to experience yourself as your True Self, your authentic empowerment, your non-reactive state of being. These are not meditation practices per se, but can greatly enhance any personal practice, meditative, or contemplative exercise currently in use. The intention for both the workshop and the class is for participants to learn and put into practice some easily attainable, active practices that will shift their consciousness to more positive and self-directed states.
Open to both therapists and others, this work can both facilitate a quieter and more loving inner life from which to assist clients into this consciousness, as well as to cultivate a more clear and expansive space from which to enjoy one’s work.
The one day workshop and the eight-week class can be taken separately from each other or together for a more complete experience. If space is available, registration for the class after completing the workshop is also possible.
Mastering Consciousness
Payment (One Day Workshop)
Price: $125.00
CE Desired:
Mastering Consciousness
Payment (8-Week Class)
Price: $375.00
CE Desired:

Working with Affairs: Helping Couples Heal
With Charlie Verge, Ph.D.
 date TBA • 10:00 am - 4:00 pm • Cost $90 • 5 CE credit hours

This daylong workshop presents a proven stage specific model for helping couples work through and heal from the pain of discovering an affair: Healing the trauma, discovering the dynamics, creating the context for betrayal, and building a new and fulfilling relationship post that affair. A series of interventions and communication processes specific to each stage of recovery is taught and demonstrated. Examples from actual cases are reported and ample time is allotted for participants to ask questions specific to their work. Cases with a variety of types of affairs and stages of awareness of the secret, and strategies for working with all of them are covered.

The working intention in this model is that not only can couples heal from an affair, but can also develop a stronger and more loving relationship than ever before. And that couple therapists equipped with the strategies presented in this workshop can greatly facilitate their growth toward that goal.
Working with Affairs: Helping Couples Heal
Price: $90.00
CE Desired:

The Program in Couple Therapy: The Art of Facilitating Intimacy by Moving From Problems to Possibilities
With Charlie Verge, Ph.D.

20 Tuesday mornings, • 11:00 am - 1:00 pm • Cost: $800, plus a $25 non-refundable application fee • 40 CE credit hours

*The $25 non-refundable application fee registers you for an informational interview to be held throughout the summer (dates TBD).

The 20-week Program in Couple Therapy teaches the Art of Facilitating Intimacy. It is based on teaching Essential Relational Skills and the Expansive Compassionate Heart, two core attributes developed by Charlie Verge. From these core teachings, this interactive training program focuses on the successful development of skills for facilitating growth and change with couples in therapy. Drawing on all major approaches to couple work, including internal family systems theory, psychodynamic, psychodramatic, systemic, strategic, narrative, emotionally focused, attachment theory, Gestalt, communication theories, and psycho-spiritual methods, the course results in an increased repertoire of effective interventions.

Participants will learn ways to create safe and successful conversations that open the way to deeper inner and outer healing, greatly enhanced empathy, and  increased possibilities for loving connection. We will practice intervention strategies that reduce reactivity and heal relational wounds; and build more confidence and freedom of expression in helping couples achieve new levels of communication and intimacy. The course emphasizes specific techniques that facilitate movement from problems to possibilities with special attention paid to the consciousness of the therapist as the source of free and expansive expression when relating to reactive moments in the couple's interaction. Participants will develop greatly enhanced confidence and competence in working with all kinds of issues brought to couple therapy.

A wide range of issues will be addressed, including diversity, addictions, affairs, sexuality, power and control, communication, separation and divorce, and parenting concerns. The program is suitable for therapists in the public sector and those in private practice.

Program Dates:
October 11, 18, 25
November 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
December 6, 20
January 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
February 7, 14, 28
March 7, 14,  *March 21 (snow day make-up session)
The Program in Couple Therapy
Application Fee (non-refundable)
Price: $25.00
CE desired:
The Program in Couple Therapy
Price: $100.00
The Program in Couple Therapy
Remaining Balance
Price: $700.00

Fifty Shades of Grey
Price: $110.00
CE's Desired::

The Awareness Inquiry Method in Couple Therapy
With Charlie Verge, Ph.D.    canceled
 dates TBA • 10:00 am - 5:00 pm • Cost $120 • 6 CE credit hours
In this workshop, Charlie Verge will demonstrate through video and role-played demonstrations, his creative approach to Couple Therapy that combines the language and protocol of IFS with a systematic method of inquiry which increases curiosity, understanding and empathy in both partners of a couple.
The goal of this approach is to enhance compassion for oneself and one’s partner as well as to build a safe relational space for witnessing each other’s internal landscapes, learn to speak and listen with deep empathy and curiosity, and to create together a foundation for true intimacy.
This workshop is appropriate for both therapists new to IFS as well as those experienced in using IFS with individuals and couples.

Supervision Group
    These monthly consultation Groups offer a very safe context for participants to expand their skills and effectiveness in working with couples. If interested please email Charlie Verge or call him at 781-239-1772
Supervision Group
Price: $100.00

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